Executive committee 2021/2022

Kevin Stamplecoskie


Dr. Kevin Stamplecoskie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Queen’s University. Trained as a photochemist (Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa with Prof. J.C. Scaiano, and postdoctoral research at the University of Notre Dame with Prof. Prashant Kamat), Stamplecoskie’s research on synthesizing metal materials has a strong focus on the tunable/controllable synthesis of metal particles toward desired optical/electronic properties. His group aims to engineer new photonic materials and composites to advance the areas of chemical sensing, optical computing, photocatalysis, and biomedicine. Dr. Stamplecoskie spends some of his spare time promoting science and performing chemistry “magic” shows for children and people of all ages!

Queen's Chemistry Student Representatives

Rachel Shum


Rachel is a PhD student at Queen’s University developing anti-fouling smart coatings for industrial applications. Rachel brings her experiences from previous academic institutions and chemical workplaces to Kingston’s chemical community. She hopes to use social media to connect and collaborate with members of the chemical community as well as outreach events to get the Kingston community excited about chemistry.




Tina Tabrizizadeh

Treasurer | Bonds for Success Program Coordinator

Tina is a PhD Candidate at Queen’s University in polymer/materials chemistry with her research focusing on the development of self-powered and low-cost devices for power generation. Outside of her research, Tina is part of various societies within the Kingston chemical sciences community to help build a stronger, more connected, and inclusive community. As program coordinator for the Bonds for Success mentorship program, her main goal is to bridge the gaps between the students and the community of chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical technologists in the Kingston section and to foster connections aimed at personal, professional and technical development.

Jennifer McLeod

EDII Coordinator | Coordinator of Chats by the Fumehood

Jenny (she / her) is a chemistry PhD Candidate at Queen’s University researching electrochemical methods for pathogen detection in environmental samples. Outside of lab, Jenny is involved with the local Queen’s chemistry EDI society (QC-IDEAS). In her spare time Jenny enjoys baking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. She became involved with the CIC Kingston Section to engage, learn about and contribute to the broader chemical community; aspiring to help foster a productive and inclusive network amongst chemists, chemical technologists, and chemical engineers.

Brandon Becher Nienhaus

Outreach Coordinator

Brandon is a PhD candidate at Queen’s University, where he uses polymers/materials to make self-cleaning and ice-shedding coatings for commercial applications. In his free time, Brandon enjoys contributing to the chemical sciences community through a variety of organizations and being outdoors.



Parimah Aminfar

Website and Content Coordinator

Parimah is a chemistry PhD Candidate at Queen’s University researching metal clusters used for biological applications and their separation methods. In her spare time Parimah enjoys watching movies, trying new foods, and doing Pilates. She got involved with the CIC Kingston Section to help with preparing the website as an opportunity to connect with the chemical community members and outreach events. She hopes that the website and social media provide the members with the latest news and opportunities to build bigger collaborations within the chemical community!

Kathleen Ross

Queen’s Chemistry Undergraduate Representative | Social Media Coordinator

Kathleen is a second year undergraduate student at Queen’s University majoring chemistry. She has experience in the chemical industry as she worked in the central lab at INVISTA over the summer. Kathleen is also studying health as a minor and is interested in applying her degree in chemistry to the field of health after graduation. Kathleen became involved with the CIC Kingston Section to meet others in the chemical community and expand her understanding of various career opportunities in chemistry. She looks forward to sharing information with other students while encouraging them to get involved with the chemical community in Kingston.

Michael Trolio


Michael is a Masters student at Queen’s University specializing in analytical chemistry. He started his research endeavours as an NSERC USRA student in May 2020 in the Beauchemin lab studying inference effects associated with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Michael is currently undertaking a thesis project in the Dr. Beauchemin seeking to mitigating matrix effects in systems using an ICP. He sought to become apart of the CIC Kingston Local Section to share his love for chemistry with others, as well as use his experiences to help guide potential students into post-secondary chemical studies through our High School Outreach program!

Graeme Howe

Queen's Chemistry Faculty Representative

Connor Sanders

Queen's Chemical Engineering Graduate Representative

J. Daniel Padmos

DuPont Representative

Dominik Wechsler

DuPont Representative

Judy Cipot-Wechsler

DuPont Representative

Sebastian Ovalle

Royal Military CollEge of Canada Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Student RepresentativE

Sarah Creber

Royal Military CollEge of Canada Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Faculty Representative

Sebastian Alamilo-Falkenberg

KPM-Accelerate Representative