Round 6

Teamwork, Continuous Learning and Fundamental Science. Enabling 3M’s N95 Pandemic Response.

In this round of Chats by the Fumehood, Dr. Lisa Croll, Senior Manager of Global Technology Development at 3M Canada talked about how 3M responded to the pandemic and kept us safe! We also offered an opportunity to meet with Dr. Croll in a smaller group setting for a more focused and intimate discussion immediately following the event for 30 mins.

CIC Kingston’s virtual learning and networking session Chats by the Fumehood was back with record turnaround for the very first in-person session!

Round 5

Cosmetic Chemistry

The new round of the Chats by the Fumehood session was back with the topic of “Cosmetic Chemistry”. Dr. Ian Mallov  talked about the chemistry behind the tattoo dyes and Dr. Jack Bikker helped us understand how predictive modeling and cheminformatics are used in cosmetics.

For anyone new to our community, Chats by the Fumehood is a virtual learning and networking series aimed at bringing our community together throughout the year and attempt to replicate the casual water-cooler/lab bench/coffee machine conversations we have been missing.

Round 4

Science Accessibility

How accessible is the field chemistry? To round out the year we were hosting our 5th instalment of Chats by the Fumehood featuring the topic Science Accessibility as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month with featured speakers Dr. Christina Collison from Rochester Institute of Technology and Dr. Mahadeo Sukhai from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

CIC Kingston’s virtual learning and networking session Chats by the Fumehood is back for disability awareness month!

Round 3

Opportunities in Science Based Entrepreneurship

With our highest turnout yet, our third Chats by the Fumehood instalment highlighted stories of entrepreneurship in the chemical field. We heard about Sebastian Alamillo- Falkenberg (KPM-Accelerate & PhoshphoPower Group), Prof. Stephen Brown (TECTA-PDS), and graduate student, Morgan Lehtinen (Micellotech) and Jaddie Ho, all at different points of their entrepreneurship journey. They shared their experiences and provided insight on helpful programs for any audience member interested in learning more about science commercialization.

Have you ever wondered how lab-based research becomes commercialized or how you can build a business based on new and innovative technology? 

Round 2

Green and Sustainability Initiatives

Chats by the Fumehood November 2020
In the second instalment of CIC Kingston’s virtual learning and networking series Chats by the Fumehood, we heard from experts in our Kingston chemical community on what innovative initiatives are taking place to move the chemical industry in the right direction for a sustainable future. Speakers included Prof. Philip Jessop from Queen’s University, Amy Holland from GreenCentre and Lisa Hallsworth from Rillea Technologies who shared their broad perspectives from academia to industry and how you as a member of the chemical sciences community have the power to influence the ethical and sustainable development of products right from bench-top prototype. Afterwards, members of the Kingston chemical community enjoyed reconnecting and discussing how they can implement new sustainable initiatives into their research or or current role.

Round 1

Chats by the Fumehood

To kick off our re-launch, we brought together our community with the new virtual learning and networking session “Chats by the Fumehood” in an attempt to replicate the casual water-cooler/lab bench/coffee machine conversations we are all missing.

For the first instalment we were connected through Zoom and heard from Dr. Peng Wang (Queen’s University). Dr. Samantha Smith (GreenCentre) and Dr. J. Daniel Padmos (DuPont) on their career stories and what drew them to chemistry. This was followed by smaller group networking in breakout rooms to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones!